Welcome to Cul-de-sacs! Which, as Lorelei Gilmore once learned, should more correctly be Culs-de-sac. But things are not always the way we think they should be – the fact of which sparked many a Cul-de-sacs column.

After years of living next to cul-de-sacs, I moved onto my first cul-de-sac and found my niche. Since then – 1988 — I’ve written about life on the cul-de-sac in various print forums. Check out some of those columns.

More recently, life has changed around my own cul-de-sac. For years, I enjoyed watching the trees and the kids grow and mature. But as the shade increased, the population decreased because those tricycle riders grew, too, acquiring driver’s licenses and diplomas and before I knew it, they drove off to universities and city apartments. Their adventures off the cul-de-sac increased my time for different writing projects and I’ve published two new books: Downtown Naperville (the home of my cul-de-sac) and George Clooney: A Biography. They can be purchased via links on the site — check them out, too.

Please come back often. Though my Cul-de-sacs columns from the Naperville Sun and Daily Herald have ended along with my kids’ high school years, I’ve begun Cul-de-sacs, Phase Two. Check it out, tell a friend and remember to e-mail me – reading e-mails from readers was always one of my favorite parts of writing Cul-de-sacs.